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May 28, 2021 how to

Add video to your PowerPoint Background

For this you will however need a 365 subscription. If you do not have a 365 subscription you can purchase it online via office.com. Adding a Video background gives you a lot to make your presentation better and look good and even helps you with the informative sector of the presentation. There are two different…

April 10, 2021 how to

How to Fix Epic Games Launcher Black Screen Issue

Whether you’re a veteran gamer or new to the scene, you may find that trying to launch Epic Games launch screen may come up with a familiar issue. This would be the black screen that could possibly throw you into a panic at most or frustration at the least. Luckily for you, there’s no need…

December 6, 2020 how to

Purchasing Office and 365

We all need Office on our device, It all depends on the choice of which version of Office suites your needs best, You can learn more about the different versions of Office at Office Com Setup. In this knowledge base, you will find a Do it Yourself guide on How to purchase Different Office versions. Requirements…

December 6, 2020 how to

Where do I redeem or Activate 365 or Office for Business

Office for business is the same software but in a bundle packed with business tools for your business while 365 is a subscription-based tool by Office which is also known as Office 365. Office 365 and Office 2019 have a lot of similarities. In case you are trying to install office for business and office…

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