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How to create a Polished excel sheet

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Starting with a blank excel sheet.

First, you will need to open excel, remember we are using the latest office version. You can start with a new blank window from the file menu.

Using One Font and a theme of Colors for your Excel sheet.

Most people try to make their document look beautiful by adding a lot of colors to their documents, but in most of the case, the documents turn into a funky rainbow style kids comic which does not look professional. So, we choose 3 base colors and use them across the document. In this case, we have selected.
a. Black/white for the headings.
b. Blue for the title backgrounds.
c. Grey for the column background.

Font Weights and Font colors.

Font should look neat, as you can see in the picture, the font we have used is Poppins and it has 6 weights from Light to Bold. We have used Bold weight for the Headings and Titles and Normal weight for the columns and cells.

Adding Graphics.

You may also want to add subtle graphics into the excel sheet if you want it to look more professional. Or in some cases, like if you are managing a product inventory, you might also want to add pictures of the products that you are managing.

If you do not want to work it out yourself there are tons of Excel templates that are available in the market. You can choose from tons of Excel sheet templates that are available and tweak the settings and customize the sheet according to Your Needs. Here are a few examples of the existing templates that are available in the templates for Excel.

  1. Money in Excel.
    Money in Excel is a beautiful template for Excel, upon download and creating a file with this template, you will also be asked for permission to install some add-ins. Once the Add-ins are installed you will be good to go.Money in Excel.
    This template includes 5 sheets in one Workbook, the first one which is an introductory sheet is a Welcome sheet. The second page is the Instructions on How to use this add-in and template. The third sheet is Snapshot, which is a graphical implementation of your data. Fourth and Fifth, Transaction and Categories are the functional sheets of the Template. This template is free for download and is pre-added to the templates for Excel in Excel.
  2. Blue Balance Sheet
    Another template that can be really useful for people who are looking forward to creating a balance sheet, you can download it from the template section and is quite easy to customize. This does not have much graphics and is pretty simple in functionality.Blue Balance Sheet.
  3. Get More out of Pivot Tables
    This is the latest addition to the Excel feature list and has really amazing results to learn about the function and get the most out of it. Excel has a dedicated template for this. You can download and get the most out of Pivot Tables.Get More out of Pivot Tables
  4. Drop Down Tutorial
    This is not a template but more of a tutorial to learn how to make dropdowns with your workbook. This is an easy implementation and can get you a beautiful drop down that you can implement in your workbook to make it look more professional and cleaner. This will also add great functionality to your workbook..Drop Down Tutorial

There are many other templates that are available for free, loan calculators, work schedules, and much more on the Templates section in your Excel. You can use them for your documents or even learn how to make your workbook and create a simple yet beautiful design for your workbook with great functionality.

If you have not installed or set up the office yet. You can visit Office Com Setup or office com setup and Sign in to your Office Account and get started with the Office Installation.