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Making your Productivity better with 365

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365, previously known as Office 365 is one of the most versatile, feature-loaded, and easy to use productivity suite ruling the respective market since a long time.

365 is not just for the professional users but it is for the average and the basic users too. When we think about writing a document the only 2 things that pop up in our minds are Notepad and Word because these 2 programs have been accompanying the Computer productivity space for decades and are the most trusted software available. Ruling Notepad Out we can say that Office is one packed software that has an app included that solves almost all the productivity issues that are required in one software. Let’s take a look at how it can make our Productivity work better.


365 comes with a lot of applications that are not just packed with features but are also easy to use and functional. Apps like PowerPoint and Word have been alongside our computer for a long time and have been granting us the power to produce professional documents and presentations.

Word is used for all the documents that need to be written, it has features that will solve most of the struggle with print-related work and digital documents, it also has support for pen-enabled devices which makes it easier to use on Tablets and iPads making it convenient for use of Schools and Students and those who write on notepads, making corrections and note-taking easy and taking all the school work to next level. Not to mention, Saving paper.

It is also used in businesses and corporates as it has features like headers and footers that can be customized for whatever the purpose is. Word is used for Contract documents and all the other documents used in any space.

Word is also used in government offices and organizations to document stuff. It is used because it is trusted and security is not an issue.

Almost all the software’s from 365 app package is used at different places for different stuff. For e.g.: PowerPoint is used incorporates and companies to produce presentations and slideshows to present products. It has features like charts and bars that help people to make sales or growth-centric presentations easy to make and quick to work with.

Other software like Excel and Access are also used in various places, Excel is even used by small enterprises for stocks, calculations, and tabular data. Excel has features like auto sum and has the ability to perform calculations and formulas that makes it effortless to produce such documents with huge calculations that can take time otherwise.

Access is a Database managed Software that can literally turn into software for your business that can save the stocks and whatever you want it to. Like Excel, Access is used from a small enterprise to the biggest of companies and is used by average and professionals too.

365 comes with 3 plans:

365 For Home:

365 for home, as suggested by the name is perfect for home users and personal users. It includes 1TB of OneDrive Storage with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, Outlook, One Drive and Skype. You can use this on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android.
The pricing for 365 for Home is classified into 2 categories. For Family, that costs 99.99$ per Year that can be used by 6 people with 6tb’s of One Drive for 1TB each person, and the other plan is 365 for personal use for 1 person, 1 TB one Drive storage.

365 For Business:

This plan is for business and workplace users, it includes all the premium Apps. 365 for Business comes per user. This plan is further in 4 subcategories that cost as follows.

Business basic, $5.00 per month per user with all the premium apps with Service cloud apps included: Teams, Exchange, One Drive, and SharePoint.

365 Business Standard, $12.50 per user per month, includes premium apps and Access for PC, Publisher for PC, and extra service cloud apps that are included in the Business Basic plan.

Business Premium, $20.00 per user per month, includes all the premium apps and service cloud apps in the basic and standard plan with Intune and Azure Information Protection.

There is also another plan that lets you choose the applications you want in your plan and is priced at $8.25 per Month per User. All these plans come with an annual commitment and 1 month of a free trial.

365 for Enterprise has another set of Pricing that starts from $8.00 per User Per month and goes up to $57.00 per User per Month.

365 for Education is partnered with schools and educational institutes and depends on the partner program. It is categorized into 3 plans, A1, A3, and A5, and includes all the basic applications that are needed. You can also enroll in this program from the Office website.

Conclusion: 365 is a really versatile software and is packed with all the applications that you need to make sure your Productivity work is done quickly and easily, professionally, and best of all it does not cost that much. It can immensely participate in making your Productivity work grow. It can be used for many purposes and can come in handy for a lot of work at home, office, or school.