Setup Microsoft 365

Getting Started with Microsoft 365

There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing between Office and Microsoft 365. Depending on what type of work you want to do on the respective productivity platforms, These software’s are not different in features but in pricing. Microsoft 365 being a subscription-based productivity suite is basically a membership-style program that is better suited for Businesses and Workplaces as there is no need to worry about updates or anything related to custom.

Whereas Office is a one-time purchase and does not offer freebies with it. Though as it is a one-time purchase, making it easier to work with and easier to setup up. There is no need for recurring payments and you can use the productivity program as per your need with any of the app that is included with the software. Microsoft Office includes all the premium applications and can be used on any device, ranging from Windows PCs to Mac Book Laptops and Smartphones and tablets.

How to Purchase Microsoft 365

If you want to purchase Microsoft 365 you have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose For home, For business, For enterprise and For education.
  3. Select your Plan and Click Buy Now.
  4. Sign In to your Account or Create one.
  5. Click Next, Once Signed In.
  6. Pick a Payment Method, You can use your Credit or Debit Card.
  7. Once the Payment is successful. Your purchase is successful.

  1. Go to, Microsoft 365 Setup website.

    Open the browser and enter in the URL bar and hit enter.Go to, Microsoft 365 Setup website.

  2. Sign In to your Office Account or Create a New One.

    Click on the blue Sign In button and enter your credentials to Sign In with your Microsoft Account. You can use any account associated with any Microsoft service like XBOX, Skype, or Windows. However, If you are new to Office, Click Create a New Account to create a free account with Microsoft.Sign In to your Office Account or Create a New One.

  3. Now Enter Product Key.

    Enter your 25 Alphanumeric Product codes or Key in the required fields and hit Next.Now Enter Product Key.

  4. Click Install Office Button.

    On the Account page, Click Install Office button on the right side of the window. This will open up another page.Click Install Office Button.

  5. Go ahead and Click Install Office Again.

    On the left side of the window, under Install Office on all your computers, click Install Office, It is a blue button. This will open up a Pop-Up, Click Install to begin the Download.Go ahead and Click Install Office Again.

  6. Save and Run office setup.

    Now, according to the browser you are using, Save the Downloaded Installer and run it.Save and Run office setup.

  7. Wait for Office to finish Installation.

    Once the installer is downloaded, The Installation will begin. Wait for it to finish. It will take a few minutesWait for Office to finish Installation.

  8. Click Close, Installation is finished.

    Once the Installation is Finished, a screen with an animation and a close button will show. Click Close and run Office apps.Click Close, Installation is finished.

Why Microsoft 365

Since its inception in 2001, this cloud-based productivity suite offers the traditional versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and OneNote. However, it is a subscription-based service. Depending on your plan, you may get additional products like Publisher, Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Skype, Access, Planner, and Teams. Some are more for personal use, while others are for multi-person households or larger institutions.

Here are some benefits of having a Microsoft 365 Subscription

You’ll get the latest Office Apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlooks.

You can install these on your PC, smartphone, tablet, or Mac if you’re a Mac user.

1 TB of cloud storage with OneDrive.

Ongoing updates and upgrades that won’t be available without the subscription.

Ongoing flexibility for your business and world-class support when needed.

The subscription plans will be more cost-effective in the long run, and there are no hardware investments to be made.

Microsoft 365 will help increase your productivity to help you become more organized and to communicate effectively. Microsoft 365 will help you reduce time on your administrative tasks to concentrate on moving your business forward in innovative and creative ways.

Install Microsoft 365 on Windows

Here is how you can install and setup Microsoft 365 on your Windows device, Follow the step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to official webpage.
    Open Browser (the default is Edge) from the start menu and Enter URL and hit enter. This is the official website to set up Microsoft 365.Go to official webpage.
  2. Sign In to your Microsoft Account or Create a New Account.
    On the webpage, you will need to Sign In to your Microsoft Account, you can sign in with your Microsoft Account.Sign In to your Microsoft Account or Create a New Account.
  3. If you are a new user, click Create a New Account and Create a New Account for free.
    If you do not have a Microsoft Account, You can click on the Create One! link to create a new free account. You can use that account for any Microsoft Service like Xbox, Skype, Windows, and other services.If you are a new user, click Create a New Account and Create a New Account for free.
  4. Enter Product Key, If prompted.
    If you are on product key-based Microsoft 365, You will need to enter your 25 Digit Alphanumeric code, available on the product card or in your email.Enter Product Key, If prompted.
  5. Save and Download Microsoft 365 Installer.
    Now on your Account page, click on the Install Office button, and follow the instructions. Finally, when the guide to Download the File is finished, your Microsoft 365 Installer will begin to Download. Depending on your Browser, Save the file.Save and Download Microsoft 365 Installer.
  6. Run Microsoft365.exe Setup file to begin the installation.
    Now, you can finally go to your Default downloads folder and Simply double click on the Microsoft365.exe Installation file.Run Microsoft365.exe Setup file to begin the installation.
  7. Click Allow and Accept User access Prompt.
    Running the installation will trigger a user access prompt, If you are on an administrator account, just click accept and the installation will begin, if you do not have admin rights to install Microsoft 365, you will need to enter the Administrator Username and Password to allow Installation. Once you accept the user access prompt, the Installation will begin on your Windows computer.Click Allow and Accept User access Prompt.
  8. Wait for Installation to finish.
    Once the Installation begins to install, you will need to wait for a few minutes while Microsoft 365 is installed.Wait for Installation to finish.
  9. Microsoft365 Installation is Complete, Run apps.
    Once the installation is finished, a message saying “You’re all set!” will show up with an animation showing where the apps are will play. Click the Close button and Run any Office application. Accept License and Agreement on the first instance and your Office installation is complete.Microsoft365 Installation is Complete, Run apps.

Microsoft 365 setup on Mac

You can also Install Microsoft 365 on your Mac by simply following this guide:

  1. Go to in Safari or any other browser.
    Open Safari or any browser, Visit Microsoft 365 website, to in Safari or any other browser.
  2. Sign In to your Microsoft Account.
    Click Sign In and enter your Account details. You can use your Microsoft Account to Sign In or Create a New Account. However, If you are new to Microsoft, you can create a new account. Sign In to your Microsoft Account.
  3. Now, Enter your Product key, If prompted, Else skip this Step.
    After Sign In, If you are asked for a Product key, check it in your email or Product Card. It is a 25 Alphanumeric Activate Code.
    If you have directly logged into your Account, and you see your Microsoft 365 Product skip this step.Now, Enter your Product key, If prompted, Else skip this Step.
  4. On your Account Page, Click on the Install button.
    On your account page, click the Install button in blue, it will open up a new page, Click the Install button again, It will open up a pop-up. Confirm the settings and Click Install one last time to Download Microsoft 365 Installer on Mac.On your Account Page, Click on the Install button.
  5. Now, Save the microsoft365.pkg installer file.
    Your download will begin, It will be saved in your default downloads folder.Now, Save the microsoft365.pkg installer file.
  6. Once the Download is Complete Run the Installation.
    Now go to your downloads folder and Double click on the downloaded Microsoft 365 file. It will begin the Installation.Once the Download is Complete Run the Installation.
  7. Click Continue.
    Once the installation wizard begins, Click Continue. then confirm your Package settings, Options and Click Continue again. The Installation will begin.Click Continue.
  8. The installation will take few minutes to finish.
    Wait for Microsoft 365 to Finish installation. This may take few minutes depending on the Mac computer you are using. It may vary on different computers for different reasons.The installation will take few minutes to finish.
  9. The Installation was Successful, Click Close.
    Once the Installation is Finished, You will get a message saying, The Installation was Successful. Now click on the Close button and Run Office apps from the Applications folder in Finder. You’re All Set with your Microsoft 365.The Installation was Successful, Click Close.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Office 365 and Microsoft 365 different software?

The answer is NO. Microsoft 365 is the new name for Office 365.

Where can I get Microsoft 365 from?

Microsoft 365 is available for purchase from an official online website, and also from local stores.

What is the Official Microsoft 365 website? is the Official Microsoft 365 website.

How to manage Microsoft 365 subscriptions?

You will need to visit and Sign In with your Microsoft Account associated with your Microsoft 365 Subscription to manage your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Uninstalling Microsoft 365

There may come a time when you need to uninstall Microsoft 365 from your computer. Whether it’s a PC or a Mac, uninstalling the program is relatively easy. These steps will help you remove the applications from your computer. However, this won’t delete any files, workbooks, or documents you may have created using Microsoft 365.

Uninstalling from your PC

Uninstall Option 1: Open your Control Panel. For Windows 10, type Control Panel in the taskbar and then select it. Once selected, click on Programs, then Programs and Features. Right-click on your Microsoft 365 Products and choose Uninstall. Once you do this, you can easily follow the prompts to complete the process.

Uninstall Option 2: This uses the Uninstall Support Tool. You’ll need to download and install the Office uninstall support tool. Follow the necessary steps for your browser, which can be clicking on SetupProd_OFFScrub.exe. Select the version you want to uninstall and click Next. Follow the screens when you’re prompted, and then restart your computer. Once your computer is restarted, the tool automatically opens the uninstall window to complete the process.

Uninstalling from your MAC

To do this, you will need to be signed in as the administrator to complete this process. Once you do that, open Finder and then Applications. Use Command +click to select all the Microsoft Office Apps. Once you do this, Ctrl+click an app and then click Move to Trash.

To remove from your Dock and restart, go to each one and ctrl+click, then Options, and finally Remove from Dock. Restarting your Mac will help you complete this process and remove Office from your dock.

Uninstalling Microsoft 365 is easy if you follow the proper steps and will help delete the program from your computer.

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What is is a dedicated webpage for Microsoft 365 Set up. This webpage is used to Sign In to your Microsoft Account and Activate your Microsoft 365 Product key. Using you can further Download and Install Microsoft 365 Productivity Suite on your Mac and Windows PC.

How to renew Microsoft 365

You can renew your Microsoft 365 subscription by simply purchasing a new subscription from a local store and then upgrading your old subscription or you can do it online, follow steps.

  1. Go to webpage.
  2. Sign In to your subscription account.
  3. Click Renew Now to pay for a full year of Microsoft 365.
  4. If you want monthly renewal, click on the Renew with a monthly subscription.

Services add to Microsoft 365

There are all the basic apps present in Microsoft 365 with free updates for the subscription. This only applies until your subscription is on. Once the subscription is over, so is access to apps and subscriptions. However, your files will be safe and it is recommended always to keep a backup.

Other services like One Drive and other services are also included and apply the same rule. You can also share your subscription with your family, friends, and team by simply inviting them to your subscription plan.

Microsoft products have been around for over thirty years. High school students to major corporations have utilised these products to create documents, communicate, and even do accounting with them. As technology keeps moving forward at a fast rate, cloud-based tech like Microsoft 365 offers users more than the traditional tools many are used to.

Latest Microsoft 365 Updates and Added Features

There have been many new features added to the Microsoft 365 list. Here is the list of the latest features added in the latest release updated in the 16.0.14131.20278 version, released in June.

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