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Office 365 on the new MacBook with Apple M1

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Office Com SetupApple has recently launched its much-awaited and highly anticipated Product for the year 2020 and maybe even for the year 2021.

Apple is making huge bets on its new processor and is putting a lot of hope on its new M1 chips that are designed on the Silicon Valley campus. Sticking to the MacBooks’ old design, Apple has decided to change the internals of the laptop only. office is one of the most used software dailies in the market, so people want to know before purchasing the new MacBook how the office will perform on it. Will it be compatible, or will it work on it? We are going to take a deeper look at how these M1 Chips will perform with Office.

The MacBook we used for testing was a MacBook Air with an M1 (2020) Processor and 8GB of ram in it. To download office 365, we used the office subscription that we had purchased from, and then we used the official office website at Office Com Setup to set up the office on our MacBook. Once the Office was downloaded to our device, we opened the office installation file on our MacBook Air M1. Office 365, now known as 365, is around 1.5 GB to download, we were running a pretty good internet connection, and the speed on the MacBook Air M1 was pretty good and up to the network standards.

Running the Installation was normal and easy like it is on any other device. Follow through the installation guide, and the installation process will begin once the process is finished, which will fairly take around 3/5 mins on the new MacBook Air M1 or even less in some cases, depending on the software selection.

Before we began our testing with Office, we decided to run the activity monitor and keep it open while we do the testing. This will help us with the system process and will also let us know how much memory is being used while the Office applications are running.


Opening Word, and there was no spike in the CPU activity or any activity for that matter in the Activity monitor. The operation of opening the word was quick and smooth. MacBook Air M1 scores 100% on the launch of this application. We started with a new document, we used word with a zoomed-in view, and there was still not much of an effect on the CPU, the work on the word was going smooth, and the Office 365 Word was performing pretty well. We decided to push the CPU by opening another application, PowerPoint. There was not much of an effect there either, so there is no problem with the CPU anyway, and this CPU is performing well until now. We decided to make a presentation and run it while we had word open, and even after that, a heavy presentation did not put much effect on the CPU. We opened other 365 Applications too and then decided to multitask on it. There was not much effect on the CPU. Office is not that heavy of software, but it is quite a big software for machines that are low in configurations. For us, MacBook M1 chips do not let us down as these chipsets are capable of what they can do. We tried to push the MacBook air M1 again by opening Outlook and Excel and even played a video on YouTube in the background, but we were still at 9% of the Ram Usage, and the software and programs open were snappy and quick and smooth.

In Conclusion, if you want to use the office daily and do not have anything else but to use the office and surf the internet on your Laptop and want to buy an Apple product, we highly recommend the MacBook air. If you want a laptop that is highly capable of doing other rendering stuff and photoshop and other heavy software, you can go with the Mac book pro M1. As far as we have tested these two, they are on top with the process management and are really snappy with multitasking too. I hope we have made your decisions easier. Stay Updated at Office Com Setup.