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Purchasing Office and 365

We all need Office on our device, It all depends on the choice of which version of Office suites your needs best, You can learn more about the different versions of Office at Office Com Setup.

In this knowledge base, you will find a Do it Yourself guide on How to purchase Different Office versions.

Requirements to purchase Office Online:

There are some requirements before you purchase office, Here is a list of What you need to purchase Office.

You need a valid payment method, Your Credit Card, Debit Card. If any other method is available you can check that out at Supported Cards are Mastercard, Visa and America Express.

You need a compatible device, is available on all major Platforms. It is available for Windows, Macs, iOS and Android.

You need to have an Active Internet Connection.

Go to Office Store website.

For Office or Official Office website at

Click on “Get Office” Button.

It will take you to the office store to buy and make office purchase.

You will now be on the plans and pricing of the Office.

Choose the plan that you have selected. There are a lot of plans for you to choose from, you can select according to the plans that support your needs the most, These plans vary in price and features.

Click “Buy Now”.

Under any plan that you want to purchase.

Once you click on purchase, you will need to Sign In.

Sign In to your Account. If you do not have a Account, You can click on the Create One just below the Sign In email field.

Once you are through the Account Log In or Creation.

Your Purchase Experience with will start, It is basically the point where you start the purchase of the Office Product License.

Now, you will get a page that says, “Checking a few things…”.

Wait while the process is complete.

You will need to Enter your Payment Page.

Please make sure that the Details are Correct.

Once the Payment is done you will be on the Product page.

You can always manage your product from

NOTE: do not ever disclose the payment details to anyone, do not publish, add or use your cards anywhere without proper verification of the source. Office is a trusted source and you can use the payment page there. If incase you get any calls from any number pretending to be or this website, Do not share any details with them, We do not call our visitors.

There are other ways to purchase office too, You can purchase office from a lot of online shopping websites too, you can also purchase office from a local store too. It comes with a product license that is in a product key format. It is usually hidden under a scratcher.