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Rice Purity Test

Get Started with your Rice Purity Test, and know your Purity Score


Rice Purity Test

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Have you watched or read explicit content?

2 / 20

Have you intentionally damaged someone else’s property?

3 / 20

Have you participated in a protest or demonstration?

4 / 20

Have you engaged in BDSM or other intense sexual activities?

5 / 20

Have you lied to your parents about your whereabouts?

6 / 20

Have you skipped school or work without permission?

7 / 20

Have you been arrested?

8 / 20

Have you engaged in gambling?

9 / 20

Have you vandalized property?

10 / 20

Have you used profanity in public?

11 / 20

Have you participated in a threesome or group sex?

12 / 20

Have you sent explicit photos or messages?

13 / 20

Have you gotten into a physical fight?

14 / 20

Have you stolen something?

15 / 20

Have you been nude in public?

16 / 20

Have you cheated on a test?

17 / 20

Have you used recreational drugs?

18 / 20

Have you engaged in sexual activity?

19 / 20

Have you smoked a cigarette?

20 / 20

Have you ever consumed alcohol?

What is this Test?

This is a very simple Test, This will give you an idea about your Purity Level, The question has a simple context, it will show you a few questions that are designed in a way that reflects the scenarios in your life, You will need to answer these questions truthfully and without hiding anything, Since this is a process that is completely anonymous for the user and the website, you won’t need to disclose your Name or Number or anything of that sort. There is nothing that will be shown in the field. Once you do that, you will be be able to see the results in the percentage, for example it will be 98% which means your purity level is very high, There is no shame in any kind of result though, and there is nothing that you will need to worry about. It is just an outline of how you spent your life, It can be fun or classy.