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How to Setup and Install Office with

  1. Go to, office setup webpage.

    Open Browser, enter URL or, and hit enter. This is the official Office setup webpage.Go to, office setup webpage.

  2. Sign In with your Microsoft Account or Create a New one.

    Enter your Phone, Email, or Skype associated with any Microsoft Account and click Next. Enter the password and click Sign In. You can use your Microsoft Account associated with any Microsoft services like Xbox, Skype, Outlook. However, if you do not have a Microsoft Account, click Create one and enter your details to create a new Microsoft Account.Sign In with your Microsoft Account or Create a New one.

  3. Enter your Office Product key/Code.

    Enter the product key or code that comes with the Office in XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX format. Click Next. You can find your product key on the backside of the retail package or in your email. If Prompted, Select your Country or Region from the dropdown. Also, Choose your language. Skip this step if the prompt does not appear. If you have a language or country-specific version you won’t get this prompt. Not required in newer versions and Microsoft 365.Enter your Office Product key/Code.

  4. On Office Product Page, click Install Office.

    Once you enter your product key will be added to your Account page, Click Install Office, it is a button on the top right of the page. This will open the Install Office Page.On Office Product Page, click Install Office.

  5. Click blue Install Office button again.

    Now on the freshly opened new tab, under the “Install Office on all your computers” text, you will find another Install Office button. Click the button.Click blue Install Office button again.

  6. Review your options, Click Install to Download setup.

    A pop-up will appear mentioning the Version and Language of the installation file you are about to download. You can also Click Other Options to make changes to the default setting. Click the blue Install button once you have reviewed the settings.Review your options, Click Install to Download setup.

  7. Download file and Run Office Installation.

    Depending on the browser you are using, Save and run the download. In Microsoft Edge, Click Save. For Internet Explorer Run, Chrome Click Setup, For Firefox click Save. Your download will begin and once the download is completed, the installation file will run automatically.Download file and Run Office Installation.

  8. Accept Prompts to Begin Installation.

    Now, you will get a prompt asking you to allow the setup to make changes to the device. Click Yes to run the setup and begin Installation. Click yes if any other prompt asking for permission appears.Accept Prompts to Begin Installation.

  9. Installation will now progress and Finish.

    Once the installation begins, depending on your Internet speed the process will complete downloading and installing Office on your Device. It may take some time to Install Office.Installation will now progress and Finish.

  10. Installation Complete, Click Close and Open Apps.

    You will get a message saying “You’re all set! Office is installed now” once the installation is finished. An animation showing where the apps are located on your device will play. Click on the Close button below the message and Run Office Apps.Installation Complete, Click Close and Open Apps.

After Installation

Running Apps for the First Time

Once your Office is installed and you open any application for the first time. You are required to accept the license agreements once. Please read the terms and conditions and license agreement before using applications.

The latest updated Office will be available later this year. Read about what will it include and how it be the next big thing in the Office productivity suite.

Office Setup on Windows

  1. Sign In at webpage.
    Open Browser and enter URL This is the Official Office Setup website and Sign in with your Microsoft account associated with Office or any Microsoft Service.Sign In at webpage.
  2. Once Signed In, Enter your Product Key or Code.
    Enter and add your 25 alphanumeric combinations of the Product key without the hyphens. Your product key will be available in the email or the retail card.Once Signed In, Enter your Product Key or Code.
  3. Click the Install Office button.
    Now your Product key will be added to your Account page and select your Office product and click the Install Office button, Clicking the button will open up a new page. Click the Install Office button again, a pop with default options to download Office will appear. Click Install to download the office setup file.Click the Install Office button.
  4. Run the Installation wizard and Accept Prompts.
    Download and run Office Installation File. Double Click setup32.exe for a 32-bit operating system or setup64.exe for 64 Bit Operating System. A prompt will appear asking you for permission to allow the installation to make changes to the device. Click Accept to start the Installation.Run the Installation wizard and Accept Prompts.
  5. The installation will begin, wait for Installation to Finish.
    Once the installation has started, click Continue, and your Installation will start. Wait for the installation to finish.The installation will begin, wait for Installation to Finish.
  6. Click Close, Start Apps. Installation Complete.
    Once the installation is finished you can now go to Start>Office and open any Microsoft Office app like Word. Accept the Office License and Agreement. Your Office setup is complete and Finished.Click Close, Start Apps. Installation Complete.

Install and Setup Office on Mac

  1. Go to the Office setup webpage,
    Open your Browser and Enter URL and hit enter.Go to the Office setup webpage,
  2. You can use your Microsoft Account to Sign In or You can create a New One.
    Sign in with your Microsoft account associated with Microsoft Office, you can also use any Microsoft Account associated with any Microsoft Service like Skype, Xbox, Outlook, or Live.You can use your Microsoft Account to Sign In or You can create a New One.
  3. On your Account page, Click Install Office.
    Once signed in you will find an Install Office button on your Office Account page, click the button and a drop-down will appear.On your Account page, Click Install Office.
  4. Click Install Again to Download Office Setup.
    Click Install and now you will be able to Save and Run the office setup file. Depending on your browser you can click Save and Run to automatically run the Office Installation wizard. Your Office setup file will begin downloading.Click Install Again to Download Office Setup.
  5. Run Installation wizard.
    Open the Finder app in your Mac’s Dock. Click Downloads on the left side of the Finder window. Double-click the Office setup file. It will open up a prompt to begin running.Run Installation wizard.
  6. The installation will Begin, Follow setup.
    Click Continue on the bottom-right corner of the page twice. Click Agree, to accept Microsoft’s terms of use. Click Continue again. Now Click Install on the bottom right corner of the page. Type in the password you use to log into your Mac and Click Install Software. The process will begin. It may take a while.The installation will Begin, Follow setup.
  7. Installation and Setup Complete.
    Once the Installation is finished Click Close. Your Microsoft Office programs have now been installed.Installation and Setup Complete.
How to Purchase Office or Microsoft 365

There are many ways to purchase Office. You can buy Office from a local store and online, Here is how you can do it online.How to Purchase Office or Microsoft 365

  1. Go to the official Office website at from your browser.
  2. Click on the Get Office button.
  3. Compare and Choose your Plan according to your budget and usage.
  4. Click on the Buy Now button under the Plan you want to purchase.
  5. Now, Sign In to your Office Account or Create a new one if you don’t have one.
  6. Once Signed In, click Next to select and add a payment method.
  7. Add your payment method and click Save. You will be able to use the payment method for future purchases and recurring payments too.
  8. Once the payment is made, your Office purchase is Successful.

You can also purchase office from any online store or website like Amazon.

How to Install Office Updates

Office support and Updates have ended for Office 2003, Office 2007. Updates are available for Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2019, and Never Versions. Here is how you can Install Updates on your device.

  1. Open any Office application like Word.
  2. On the top Menu, Click File.
  3. Now, Click on the Account button.
  4. You will find Update Options under Product Information.
  5. Under Update Options, Click Update now.
  6. If there are any updates available. Office will install them automatically.
  7. Once you see You’re up to date. Click Close. You have updated your Office.

You can also manually download Office updates for Office 2010 and newer from Office website.

Uninstall Office on Windows

If you want to Uninstall Office from your Windows Computer, Follow the step-by-step guide.

  1. Close everything open on your Windows pc.
  2. Now, Click on the Start menu, 
  3. Type, Add or Remove Programs and hit enter.
  4. In the App or Remove Program windows, Scroll down and find your Office Application or Applications.
  5. Click on the app once and it will expand to show the options.
  6. Now click on the Uninstall button.
  7. Click Uninstall Again in the appeared Pop Up.
  8. Follow on-screen Instructions and wait for the uninstallation process to finish.

Note: Make sure there is no other application installation or uninstallation going before you try to install or uninstall any new application. Also, Make sure to take a backup of your work and files that you have done using Microsoft Office.

Microsoft 365 Subscription pricing

Microsoft 365 has diversified plans based on subscriptions. You can purchase Microsoft 365 according to your needs. The best plan that suits you can be purchased for a month or a year depending on your choice. The most basic plan goes for $6.99 per month for personal, 1 person usage, and for the family, it goes for $9.99/Month for 6 people. These plans are also available to be paid for a year.

These plans include premiums apps and extra cloud service One Drive storage of 1 TB per person.

Download Microsoft 365 Offline Installer

If you want to Download Microsoft 365 with Offline Installer. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Go to and Sign In.
  2. Click Install Office.
  3. Clicking Install Office will open a new Install Page, Click Install Office Again.
  4. Once you click Install, a Pop up will appear, Click Other Options in the Pop-Up.
  5. Check the Offline Installer Option under the Language and Office Version.
  6. Click Install and you will be now downloading the Offline Installer for Microsoft 365.
Finding your Product Key

If you have Purchased office from Microsoft StoreFinding your Product Key

  1. Go to and Sign In to your Account.
  2. In your account, click on your name, In the drop-down menu, select Order History.
  3. Select you’ve recently purchased Office and click Install Office to View your Product key.

The product key or serial number is easier to find than you may think. One of the ways to find it is on the packaging you bought it in. You can still see the product key in the order confirmation when you purchase a digital download from Microsoft.

Suppose you have neither of this due to tossing the packaging or deleting the order confirmation. In that case, you can find it in your Order History. Sign in to your Microsoft Account and select Order History. Locate your Office one-time purchase or app and choose to install Office. Once you do that, you can view your product key. You can then select Install Office to associate your product key with your account and start the installation process if needed.

Activating Pre-Installed Office

To activate your pre-install Microsoft Office, make sure your Operating System is Activated. Also, make sure that you are connected to the Internet throughout the Activation Process.
Here is how you can activate your Office.

  1. Launch any Office App from your app menu (start menu).
  2. To start the Activation Process, Sign In with your Microsoft Account, this option is also available in your Account menu of the opened Office app.
  3. If you do not have a Microsoft Account, click Create a new Account to Create one and Sign In.
  4. Once Signed In, click on the Activate Office button.
  5. Enter your Product key.
  6. And Follow on-screen prompts.
  7. Once you are done with the Process, your Office will be activated.
Renew Office
Renew with Online purchase

If you have been using Microsoft 365 and want to renew the subscription here is how you can do it.

  1. Go to
  2. On the Renew page, choose your package.
  3. Click Renew Now to add your package to Cart.
  4. Continue and Sign In to your Microsoft Account associated with Office.
  5. Check out the preferred billing method.

You can further manage your Subscription at Manage Subscription Tab.

Renew with Product key

If you want to purchase a subscription from a local store and renew it. Here is how you can do it.

  1. On your purchased product card/box, you will find a combination of alphanumeric in XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX format.
  2. If you have not received a box, you will find it in the email id that you have provided for the purchase.
  3. Now, Go to
  4. Sign In to your Account associated with Microsoft Office.
  5. Enter the Product key that you have just purchased.
  6. Follow On-screen Steps and complete the Renewal Process.
  7. Your subscription will be renewed according to your new plan that you have purchased.
Share your Microsoft 365 Subscription

You can share your Microsoft 365 Family Subscription by inviting people to your subscription. Once your family or friends accept the invitation they will be able to enjoy the Microsoft 365 Subscription with you. It also means that will get 1 TB of the storage per person according to the plan.

Share by invitation
  1. Sign In to your Account at
  2. Now, go to the Services & Subscription page.
  3. Select Office and Click Start Sharing.
    If you do not have a family subscription you won’t find the Start Sharing button.
  4. Now, you will get a prompt asking you to choose either from:
    Invite via Email or Invite via Link. Depending on how you want to invite people. You can choose one of the options.
  5. Type in the email if you have selected the email method. Or enter the details to send the link to. It can be a text message, email, or create a separate link for each person.
  6. Once you have sent the link. All they need to do is to click the link or accept the invitation from the email to start using the subscription.

You can also add your family and friends to the Subscription page by directly adding them to your subscription.

What is new in Microsoft 365

There are many features that have been added to the new Microsoft 365, Here is a list.

  1. Dark Mode in Word.
  2. Create Gifs in PowerPoint.
  3. Convert Data from PDF in Excel.
  4. New Data types in Excel.
  5. Editor in Word helps with overall grammar and quality of content.
  6. Money in Excel helps you connect your spreadsheet to your banking information.
  7. Design Ideas in Powerpoint.
  8. Family Safety with screen-time monitoring. is one of the Microsoft Office Business and Commercial setup webpages. You can Activate and Redeem multiple Product Keys and Setup Office on your Devices. is a webpage used to setup Microsoft 365, which was earlier known as Office 365. You can Sign In or Create a New Account to Redeem Microsoft 365 Office Setup Product Key.

What is

If you want to download Microsoft 365 or other Microsoft office products, you want to go to the official website.

This website,, is the official site you’ll use to set up your Microsoft Office account. It comes with many benefits, like being able to sign in and activate your Microsoft Product Key. These products will be shown on your Account page.

You can use the webpage to download your products and set them up on your PC or Mac computer.

You can visit from any browser. You will need a Microsoft Account and an active Office subscription.

Manage your Office Account

Managing your Purchased Office products and other settings like Finding your Product key, Changing billing, Making Payment method changes, or Managing your Office Subscriptions, You can do it all by Signing in with your Microsoft Account at

Before installing Office, Know the Requirements

Installing Office is easy but before you begin the Office Installation on your Mac or Windows Computer, Make sure your device meets these requirements.

  • 2 Core with minimum clock speed of 1.6 GHz in Windows OS
  • All MAC OS Running Intel or MAC M1 Processors
  • A minimum of 2 GB Ram on Windows and 4 GB on MAC OS
  • 4 GB on Windows and 10 GB of available disk space on MAC OS
  • 1280 x 768 screen resolution or Higher
  • DirectX 9 or later on Windows.
  • All latest browsers
  • .NET 3.5 or 4.6 and higher should be Installed on windows OS
  • Windows 10, 8.1, Server 2019, Server 2016. All Latest MAC OS
  • Internet Connection

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