What is is the main page to setup and install office and activate Office and Microsoft 365.

Go to the Office setup webpage,
Go to the Office setup webpage,

You can use the webpage to download your products and set them up on We also provide help with the complete installation and setup of your Microsoft Office if you are subscribed to our product. is a website designed and developed by Microsoft for the sole purpose of providing a simple and plain gateway for Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365 product users to Activate and Install Office.

The main page has a main menu on the top, the menu items includes a Microsoft logo on the top left with a Navigation menu by the side of it. The navigation menu has “Microsoft 365” or “Office” as the first item, clicking on which, will redirect you to the Official Microsoft 365 or Office Page.

Next to the Microsoft 365 menu item is the Contact Support, click the contact support button will take you to the page where are the help items are listed. The contact support page has articles, guides, admin support, on-premises support, Microsoft store support. The next item on the menu is Read the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) which will take you a page where all the recent queries have been made and the answers to the most obvious and recent questions, you can also ask a question if you wish to.

Read the FAQ is further followed by the last menu item on the left, Provide feedback. This page as it is named simply lets you provide your feedback about the experience.

On the Right hand side of the top menu bar is another menu, for which the First Item is All Microsoft, it is a dropdown, that has links to all the Microsoft Products, followed by a search button that will help you with all the searches that you want. The next button is the Sign In which can be used to Sign in to your Microsoft Account, However you will need a Microsoft Account to Sign In to your Microsoft Account. You can always create a new account.

Below the main menu is the main page of Microsoft Office Setup. With “Hi. Let’s get started.” as the main heading of the Page, under that is a Sign In column with two button, from which you can choose. You can either choose to Sign In or to Create a New Account, depending on your need.

The bottom of the website is the footer of the website which has the language on the left side and other menu on the right side. The right side menu on the footer has a link to Sitemap of the website, the Contact Microsoft link, Privacy policy of the website, The terms of use for the website, Trademarks, Safety & Eco, About our Ads and the copyrights Microsoft 2022 links.

This sums up the website, adapts to the screen of the device is responsive accordingly.

Before installing Office, Know the Requirements

Installing Office is easy but before you begin the Office Installation on your Mac or Windows Computer, Make sure your device meets these requirements.

  • 2 Core with minimum clock speed of 1.6 GHz in Windows OS
  • All MAC OS Running Intel or MAC M1 Processors
  • A minimum of 2 GB Ram on Windows and 4 GB on MAC OS
  • 4 GB on Windows and 10 GB of available disk space on MAC OS
  • 1280 x 768 screen resolution or Higher
  • DirectX 9 or later on Windows.
  • All latest browsers
  • .NET 3.5 or 4.6 and higher should be Installed on windows OS
  • Windows 10, 8.1, Server 2019, Server 2016. All Latest MAC OS
  • Internet Connection

Alternatives to setup Office:

There are two other preferred ways to setup and install Office or Microsoft 365 on your device other than Here is how you can do it.

Offline using a DVD/CD:
In the older office versions you used to get a Compact Disc or a DVD to setup and Install Office.
You simply insert the disc and run the setup, and everything is done automatically. This method does not work with the latest Office since now the Office is available for download online.

Downloading Office Stack installer:
Stack means downloading the Offline installer for the Office, and activating later when you run the applications. You can download Office from and choose your version or whatever the file you want to download and install. Make sure you have the Product key to activate the Office later.

From a local store:
You can buy Office from a local store and get it installed on your laptop from there too as-well. How ever it is not always convenient to take your laptop with you, which means you can simply buy the Office or Microsoft 365 card and use it to setup from home using the method.

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