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Let’s Begin with the Office/Microsoft 365 Installation

To begin with you will need to Sign In or Create a New Account and Enter your Product key to activate and Install Office.

Download & Install Microsoft Office

Get started with Microsoft Office online installer, Install your Office and Activate your Office with all the latest and updated features

Basics Of Setting Up the Office/Microsoft 365 on your PC/Mac

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Here is complete workflow on how to Sign In, Activate, Download and Install Office on your PC/MAC

  1. Navigate to or

    You can simply open the browser you use to surf the internet, like chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox. Then Search for or type in or or simply click on these links here. This website is the Official Website by Microsoft used for the sole purpose of Setting your Office or Microsoft Office. If you are setting up Microsoft for multiple business profiles, visit, and for Microsoft 365, go to to or

  2. Click “Create a new account” or Sign In to your Account

    On the Official website, there are 2 simple options, which basically gives you an access to your Office Account, You will either need to create a new account or you will need to sign in to your existing account. Creating a new account is a fairly easy process and can be done within few minutes. Signing In will require your username, email, or skype id and the password that you have set. You can also reset your Account password.Click "Create a new account" or Sign In to your Account

  3. Now, the next step

    If your product purchase came with a product key, you will need to enter your product key in the given format of “XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX” which makes it a total of 25 Alphanumeric string attached to your product key. Make sure you do not share this product key with anyone. This key is used for activation. If you have an online purchase, or a subscription, you will not get the product key option, you can skip this step.Now, the next step

  4. Click “Install Office”

    Once you are though with the step 3, you will now be in your main Office/Microsoft 365 Dashboard. You can now use your Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365 online, however, if you wish to install it on your device, you can click on the top right “Install Office” button, which will reveal a pop up box with the details of your Office Package, you can choose and customize your installation options and click on the Install Office button in the pop box again, which will further download the Office/Microsoft 365 installation file. You will need to run the file to install it.Click "Install Office"