Microsoft dELVE

Microsoft Delve Online Guide and Documentation

What is Microsoft Delve used for?

Microsoft Delve is something that collects your personal information that you have choose to be collected in the database. It will show up all the personal content and information that you want to be chosen and selected and further displayed. Delve is a part of Microsoft Shared programs tools. This make it easier to maintain personal content and separate it from other Application. Microsoft Delve comes with the Microsoft 365 package and can be selected in any plan you want to subscribe to. Apart from that there are a lot of other uses for delve.

It features content cards, your personal content page, it allows us to create boards to show relevant or related documents, You can manage security and the best part is that it runs across all the platforms available in the market right now. Apart from this it is also a collaborative space that shows all the collaborations that are done by you or with you.