Microsoft EXCEL

What is it?

What is Microsoft Excel used for?

Excel is the best way to manage tables and sheets, in simple words. In other words, Microsoft Excel, is a software that lets you create flawless spreadsheets. Spreadsheet with highest level of features with the least effort. It comes with all the mathematical equations and calculations that will make your work effortless. It is used by small and large businesses. This is one of the most used software’s in the world.

It can turn your spreadsheets into pivot charts and pie charts or any type of graphical representation for your data. Microsoft Excel also has a lot features to customize your data sheet to make it look more appealing. You can choose your choice of colors and themes. It also comes with templates and other add in templates with pre-made equations. This does make working on excel a little be easier and faster. Excel also has a feature to choose your fonts and headings according to your choice making it more attractive. Microsoft Excel can solve all your equations without any effort and is pretty easy on your device too. It also is one of the most convenient way of storing tabular data.