Online Guide about PPT

What is Microsoft PowerPoint used for?

Microsoft Power Point is one of the most used tools in the Microsoft Office environment. It is used to create presentations and is one of the most used tools because of the list of features that are available in it. Microsoft Power Point is packed with all the latest features like stock images and graphics.

You can use videos or animations in your PowerPoint presentation. Apart from that there are animated flowcharts and other types of charts that can help you with your presentation. You can create beautiful transactions and animations just with a click of a button. It is all available in the Microsoft Power Point at no additional cost. Microsoft PowerPoint also comes with premade templates and animations built in.

You can add shapes, 3D elements, use word arts, insert and add equations, add audio and video to your presentation and do a lot more to make your presentation appealing. This might give your presentation a good and a better way to look at. You can also use smart art and other exclusive features available in the Microsoft Power Point.