Microsoft TEAMS

Introduction & Features

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration platform that allows teams to work on projects in real-time. The platform aims to keep teams organized, informed, and connected in a virtual environment. For ease of use, users can access it through a web browser, desktop app, or mobile app.

From an administrator perspective, Teams allows managing users and third-party applications. Users can conduct audio or video calls, organize their calendars, schedule and record meetings, chat and work on projects simultaneously. The platform consists of 4 main features: Chat, Teams, Calendar & Apps.


With Microsoft Teams Chat, users can message their colleagues about work, ongoing projects, or just for fun. To start 1:1 conversions, click on the New chat button, enter the person’s name and write a message. Similarly, you can create group chats of up to 250 people. Did new employees join Teams? You can add them to your desired groups and give them access to older discussions and files, which can help in their onboarding process.


Teams are collections of people, tools, discussions, and files, all in one place. Each team consists of channels, which are specific conversations dedicated to projects, departments, or topics. So, for example, a team could be your company with all its employees, and channels could be your different departments, like marketing, sales, IT, HR, PR. To create channels within a team, simply select your team’s menu (3 dots), click on Add channel, give your channel a name, and you’re good to go. For more clarity and better organization, use @ to mention someone directly.


Microsoft Teams offers a built-in calendar that users can either customize or connect with their Outlook. This can be extremely helpful before, during, or after meetings, where information flows fast, and organization is needed to keep everyone on track. It can also work as a reference point for team milestones, events, deadlines, conferences, or even vacation leaves. Users can simply add events with calendar tasks, and they will automatically appear to the whole team.


To boost your team’s communication and efficiency, Microsoft Teams supports a variety of integrations. You can explore and connect familiar apps with Teams to simplify, customize and manage your work. For example, you can connect it with Trello to see all your boards directly from Teams or Adobe Creative Cloud to easily share graphic assets.

To conclude, Microsoft Teams is an exceptional platform that brings your team, tools, and workflow in one place. It’s the ideal ally for remote work to advance productivity while making work fun.