www.office.com/setup – You might have heard about applications that are free for use and have great features, there are apps that are open source and have great customization options, there are even some tools that are available at a very low price and can do your productive job as easily as Microsoft Office. So the question is why do people still choose Microsoft Office over other applications.

Basically, the main thing that has set the precedent of Productivity tools is Microsoft Office. There is a sense of security and trust over Microsoft Office that has taken years to develop among people. As we all know Office is a tool by Microsoft and Microsoft is not just a name or a brand it a face of trust that has been in computers since the beginning of great things in the software world. Microsoft was among the first companies that bought change to the computer world by processing the actual idea of the graphical user interface. Not just that but Microsoft was the first to develop tools like Microsoft Office and it has been in development and has been improving since the ’90s.

Why do people choose Microsoft Office over other tools?
Why do people choose Microsoft Office over other tools?

The closest competitors to Microsoft Office are:

  • LibreOffice
  • WPS Office
  • Apache Open Office
  • Apple iWork

The other tools for sure are free and open source and can be used for the same purpose as you use Microsoft office. For instance, we might choose Polaris Office for editing documents or for making a beautiful presentation. But it is not always that satisfying as that of Microsoft Office. It looks like a lower version of Microsoft Office even after being great for what it is. For people who use Office in business or work, they don’t like to use any other software for many reasons, Firstly the main reason is control and authority over the software that they have purchased, they do not want to rely on something that is freely available and has minimal support while as using Microsoft Office gives them authority for support and they get more features and tools in the Microsoft Office Environment than that of other software’s. They have minimal risk of losing their work to no claims, furthermore, Microsoft has been providing software support to its customers that has gained a lot of trusts. The three main reasons for why people won’t want to switch are:




Microsoft Office is liable to provide support for its customers and there is no way that office is ever going to be discontinued, it has always been available and in development by Microsoft in many versions over the years. There is no competition for the smoothness and the ease of use and access to Microsoft Office. It is one of the best-designed tools that is really easy to use, even if you are not a professional, you can learn to use Microsoft Office in days and you won’t even need to have a professional trainer. Not just that but Microsoft has set a precedent that the files that you produce in the Microsoft Office format are used everywhere in the world, which means, you can share the files that you have created in Microsoft Office and share them to anyone using any type of productivity tool, and it will work like butter. You might be wondering can Microsoft Office actually open the files created in other free software. Well, the answer is quite obvious. YES!

The other major privileges you get by being in the Microsoft Office environment is the extra tools and the new tools or even the upcoming tools that Microsoft might introduce in its environment.

In conclusion, there are a lot of products in the market, a lot of smartphones and other products, people always choose what looks, works and feels good for them, people always choose what they trust and that is the basis on what people choose Microsoft Office over any other tool that is available in the market.

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