Manage your Office Suites, Subscriptions, and More

What is My Account?

My Account is simply your account on different Office suite. It lets you use edit, create, delete your information on the said website. It is required for purchases made on the websites, and is used for further communicating with the product you have purchased.

  1. You can Manage Office Suite subscriptions.
  2. You can view your Office suite plans and purchased Products.
  3. You can Check your payment and recurring billing.
  4. You can visit important tools and sites for the office.

What to use My Account for?

It is simple, whenever you purchase a product from a website, you get to create an account that is used to attach your purchase with your Information to identify your license and subscriptions. It is used to renew, subscribe, cancel, delete or activate your product.

There are many office suites available that require partial or full purchase such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365, WPS Office, Polaris Office, and other Office Suites.

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