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Your entertainment with Google Snake Game

Play Google Snake Game Online

Dive into a world of nostalgic fun with our Google Snake Game. Offering a modern twist on the classic favorite, our version of the game provides endless entertainment for players of all ages. With simple controls and addictive gameplay, our Google Snake Game is perfect for quick breaks or leisurely gaming sessions. Whether you’re looking to reminisce about the past or simply enjoy a timeless gaming experience, our Snake Game delivers hours of enjoyment. So why wait? Join the fun and challenge yourself to beat your high score today!

You can now play Google Snake Game on our gaming platform without the need of ever creating an account. With Google Snake Game you can create an account with us and play google snake game and pass your time with your friends and family.

Google Snake Game for you
Classic Google Snake Game

Best part of your time

With all the original raw flavors we have great updates in features everyday with us. Beautiful game, amazing user interface, great features, multiplayer and always updated.

Classic game with nostalgic looks

Google Snake Game will take you back to old days when people used to play Snake Game on their Nokia Smart phones and everyone was obsessed with it. Nostalgia strikes and comes in waves with every minute you spend on the game. Giving you amazing experience and addiction to play this game.

Google Snake Game

No Accounts needed

We know what it takes for you go through all the steps to create accounts on a website, so we have completely eliminated the process by giving you an express gaming experience with quick launch and go on our website. You can simply visit our website and start a game right away.

The Google Snake game, also known as Google Snake or Snake Game, is a simple yet addictive game available on the Google homepage when you search “snake game.” Here are the steps to play:

  1. Open your web browser

    Launch your preferred web browser on your computer or mobile device.

  2. Go to Google

    Type “Google” into the search bar or simply visit the Google homepage by typing “” into the address bar.

  3. Search for “snake game

    In the Google search bar, type “snake game” and hit enter.

  4. Locate the Snake game

    The search results will display the Snake game as a part of the search page. You’ll see a small window showing the game preview.

  5. Start the game

    Click on the preview window to start the game. Alternatively, you can press the “Play” button if it’s available.

  6. Control the snake

    Use the arrow keys on your keyboard (or swipe on mobile devices) to control the direction of the snake. The snake will start moving automatically once the game begins.

  7. Eat the food

    Navigate the snake to eat the food (represented by small dots) scattered throughout the game area. Each time the snake eats food, it grows longer.

  8. Avoid collisions

    Be careful not to run into the walls of the game area or into the snake’s own body. Doing so will end the game.

  9. Score points

    As you eat food, your score will increase. Try to achieve the highest score possible by eating as much food as you can without crashing.

  10. Continue playing

    Keep playing until you crash into a wall or your own body. Once the game ends, you can choose to play again by clicking on the “Play Again” button.

  11. Compete with friends

    Challenge your friends to beat your high score or see who can achieve the longest snake.

  12. Enjoy the game

    Have fun playing the Google Snake game and see how far you can go!

How to Play Google Snake Game

There is nothing to it, You just have to move the snake with your arrow keys on the keyboard and go through the points, which in our snake game are in the shape of different fruits. You can collect as many points and the snake will keep getting bigger every time you collect a point. If you touch your own snake body, you will lose and the game will be over. You will also have to look for obstacles like walls in dark color that are usually the walls. You can change the speed from slow, medium to fast in the main menu, according to your choice.

Functions of Google Snake Game

The Google Snake Game, a classic browser game, serves as both entertainment and a nostalgic callback to the early days of digital gaming. Its primary function is to provide users with a simple yet engaging gameplay experience directly within the Google search engine interface. Players control a snake that grows longer as it consumes dots on the screen, aiming to avoid collisions with walls or its tail. Beyond its entertainment value, the game also showcases Google’s commitment to fostering user engagement and innovation, demonstrating its ability to integrate interactive elements into its platforms beyond traditional search functionality. Additionally, it serves as a reminder of the company’s roots in technology and its ongoing efforts to provide users with diverse and enjoyable experiences online.

Google has released multiple versions of the Snake Game since its debut in 2017. These versions have been updated to coincide with various special events, anniversaries, or themed doodles featured on the Google homepage. While the core gameplay mechanics remain consistent across all versions, each iteration introduces unique graphics, sound effects, and occasionally additional gameplay elements to align with the specific theme or occasion. Google has demonstrated creativity and innovation in updating the Snake Game, offering players fresh and engaging experiences while preserving the nostalgic charm of the classic game. While the exact number of versions may vary, users can expect Google to continue surprising and delighting them with new iterations of the Snake Game in the future.