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Your entertainment with Google Snake Game

Play Google Snake Game Online

You can now play Google Snake Game on our gaming platform without the need of ever creating an account. With Google Snake Game you can create an account with us and play google snake game and pass your time with your friends and family.

Google Snake Game for you
Classic Google Snake Game

Best part of your time

With all the original raw flavors we have great updates in features everyday with us. Beautiful game, amazing user interface, great features, multiplayer and always updated.

Classic game with nostalgic looks

Google Snake Game will take you back to old days when people used to play Snake Game on their Nokia Smart phones and everyone was obsessed with it. Nostalgia strikes and comes in waves with every minute you spend on the game. Giving you amazing experience and addiction to play this game.

Google Snake Game

No Accounts needed

We know what it takes for you go through all the steps to create accounts on a website, so we have completely eliminated the process by giving you an express gaming experience with quick launch and go on our website. You can simply visit our website and start a game right away.

How to Play Google Snake Game

There is nothing to it, You just have to move the snake with your arrow keys on the keyboard and go through the points, which in our snake game are in the shape of different fruits. You can collect as many points and the snake will keep getting bigger every time you collect a point. If you touch your own snake body, you will lose and the game will be over. You will also have to look for obstacles like walls in dark color that are usually the walls. You can change the speed from slow, medium to fast in the main menu, according to your choice.