Visual differences between Office across different Platforms

Visual differences between Office across different Platforms

Office is available on almost every platform that is available today. Office is reliable and beautiful in design and has a really good user interface.

Even after few small feature differences, there is no noticeable change in the feature list for any platform.

Since the early days of Office, there have been a lot of feature updates and the addition of new applications that have been improving the software, though applications and features are not the only things that have been changing and evolving with the latest updates.

Office has also been changing the Office productivity suite visually too, not just to make it look appealing but to make it even easier to use and better to work with.

When Office was launched, Office was looking pretty minimal and was more focused on the functionality part, as the operating system that it came with, Windows was. Both Office and Windows were simple yet more productive on the feature front.

Now in 2021, is winning on both fronts, Features, and visual designs too. has made the Office software very functional by adding a lot of new features that were missing and important and has also made sure to make the software look visually appealing and beautiful.

With minimal looks and beautiful designs going with the Windows minimal looks, it has been made sure that there is no stone left unturned to make the Office look as beautiful as it can be.

In the recent major update to Office, the new set of icons to the Applications have given it a more appealing look and makes it look great.

Why does Office look different on different platforms?

Office looks different on every platform because the user interface and the design language are matched with the Platform that the app is made for.

On Android, the design is made pretty simple but according to the design language of Android OS, with minimal looks and flat icons, it looks pretty simple, clean, and easy to use. Every app has a different color as we have seen before on the application. For example, Excel is green and the word is blue. When you open the Application, you are greeted with a Splash screen that includes Logo and the Latest Office logo. On the first launch, you will see the First screen prompt that has the Get Started button in plain orange theme color and terms of use link.

Once you click on the Get Started link, you will be asked to sign in which is pretty simple and all the applications are covered in one app.

A small Tooltip on the Plus icon on the bottom of the center hints at which files and documents can you create by clicking the Plus button.

The UI has elastic animations and clicking the plus button opens few options to create applications. The overall theme is in Gradient of Orange and dark orange which is the basic theme of Office.

Things are the same in IOS too, though there are minor differences with the icons. Nothing much but everything is almost the same on smartphone platforms.

Moving to the tablets, The User interface is the same and kept simple as the OS is the same so there are no changes to the applications except for the expanded look and size.

The major difference is between the Windows version and Mac version of the Software.

On Windows, the applications have a flat design and look beautiful with a clean look. The taskbar is infused with the applications and the whole application has a duotone look. The primary color is the color of the app that you are using. For example, Word is blue so everything in the primary is blue including the icon color. It looks beautiful and has a really nice feel to it. Though there is nothing like that in Mac, Apps are much simpler and have a very little color, The duotone scheme is taken out in the Mac version of the applications and the applications have been given a single color. However, both the windows and the Mac version change to Dark and Light mode, but that does not change the fact that Windows apps look more focused on and have a better layout. Mac versions are basic and look the same as that of the older version. Windows apps also have a better look to the icons than that of Mac applications. Mac Icons are basic and plan but the icons on the Windows have been built differently and look more integrated with the design language.

In conclusion, we feel that the applications look very different on every platform, and the feel of the Applications varies on all the platforms. However, on the design front, the Windows version of the Office applications is a clear winner.

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