Why is an online method of activating product keys from office com setup Safer

Office is used across the globe for many purposes. It has almost all the tools that range from normal household use to High-end professional usage. There has been the addition of many programs and the software of this productivity tool has improved and become a much better platform.

Many businesses have come across many tools and have finally implemented Office as a permanent solution to the Productivity work they wanted to do.

Because of the rising user base for Office, it certainly became a target for hackers and software pirates and they have targeted this software for their malware and piracy. Also, the old way of using a secret product key while installing the software gave more leverage for the Pirates to edit the registry of the software.

With that in mind, has developed a way to tackle all this by creating online web pages that help with the Software installation and redemption of the product key, which is a very sensitive affair.

Office comes with a product key in XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX format that consists of Alphanumeric in a random format. This product key is linked to the purchase of the software that you have made with Office.

Earlier these product keys would come with the purchase and you would use them while installation of the product. But now the latest method is to use your browser and go to the office com setup webpage and then sign in with the account that you used to make the office purchase. After signing in you would need to put in your Product key and then once your product is added to your account, you can manage and download your product per-activated anytime you want. All you will further need to remember is the username and password of your Account associated with your Office Product key.

This is not it, has made different kinds of web pages for different products to be easily used and that can be guided through by the customers. Some of the URLs that are associated with the Office setup and installation.

  1. office com setup or Office Com Setup: this is the most used when Installing Office. This is for Office applications and Office suite.
  2. 365.com/setup: Since has renamed Office365 to 365, so the URLs have also changed from Office365.com/setup to 365.com/setup. Though you can access this from an older URL too.
  3. Office.com/setupkey: This is used when you have purchased a business Office or you are trying to Install and redeem multiple Office Product keys.
  4. office.com/myaccount: You can use this product key to install and set up Office. Once you have purchased a product from office.com you can see it on your My Account page, If not you can find a link to add your Office Product on this page.
  5. portal.office.com: This is also a portal to use Office. You can also use office.com to access Office for free whenever you want to.

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